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Why Niggas is the Shit?

First of all, I wanna question some of the niggas: Why do you find this word offensive? It amazes me how you can be insulted by a fucking compliment! Let’s analyze the history of Niggadom (lent this word from Katt Williams):

(1)   yes, “civilization” came to you later than to the white people and some white people even now discriminate you

(2)   yes, you were slaves for the white

But nowadays, these have become good things:

Look at the white males – most of them are pussies; can’t fuck a woman right;  erectile dysfunction; a lot of fears & insecurities; “nice guy” issue, etc.

It’s like more than 1 in a 10 white males are pussies or suffer from one of the above. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure there’s less than 1 in a million niggas who’s a pussy.

The fact that niggas were close to the nature longer than whites, makes a big difference now: they’re more Manly. Their testosterone levels are much more high than a white ones. Simply speaking, the single difference between a man and a woman is their genital organ. A man is a man because of his cock which is responsible for all the behavior, attitude and look. A woman is a woman because of her pussy, which has the same responsibilities. Because Niggas were more in the wild, once moved to “civilization”, their body maintained/maintain the natural “Man” part for longer. Whites, being more civilized, detached themselves from the natural habitat and created a limited world for themselves. Of course their “Man” character was to diminish! Simply speaking, modernization/manners destroyed their cocks. Because of the stress they subjugated to, they oppressed subconsciously the power of their cocks. That way, feminism could develop and as we see – it’s developed. White women escaped the control of the white cocks, because their power was diminished. That’s why nowadays exist “bitch”-attitude women, cockblockers, lesbians and unsatisfied women. Once escaped the power of the cock, they got access to the power of free choice and independence. As the realization (of the new power got) growing, women started to oppress males. Women you gotta accept it! – that’s what happened. You felt the taste of power and you wanted more for a somewhat “revenge” for all the “oppressed” centuries. The thing is – that will get you bitter and unsatisfied, because you can find no more good cock to get fucked, to get possessed and feel the pleasure of a real orgasm (which will make you realize that being dependent on the man, and getting fucked regularly experiencing lots of pleasure is not that bad). Niggas didn’t pass through all this shit. They still control their women and soon enough, they might become the only normal Males on the planet. So, Niggas, you better somehow prepare for your future gigolo job, because there’s gonna be a lot of horny women ready to pay big bucks for you fucking them. And that’s not a flight of my imagination. Some scientific study even showed that in future, women will start buying niggas from Africa for the only purpose of them fucking, ‘cause nobody else will be able. Just remind yourself the usual combination women associate with niggas: “big black fat dick that’ll make me cum all over the bed”.  Conclusion: Niggas is the Shit, because they behave like Real Men should.

Looking at the second point I mentioned, I say: As Katt Williams said in “The Pimp Chronicles”, niggas weren’t just picking cotton in the field, they were working on their skills, at the same time working out their body. Result: Almost all niggas have a good body without much gym, almost all niggas play great basketball, almost all niggas look awesome!

Even if the stuff I mentioned at the beginning of the article was a bad thing at the time, it brought them to where they are today. Conclusion: Niggas is the Shit, because they look like Real Men should.

One more conclusion can be taken regarding the origin of racism (the one concerning niggas): Niggas are hated because they’re Niggas, because they’re the shit!, because they’re some real mothafuckas! (

I wrote this article from the thoughts I had today while going for a walk. And I just got my biggest impossible wish: I wish I was born a nigga. I know it’s impossible, but that would have been great.

My mission became: study&copy Niggas. Study their attitude to different matters, their way of behaving, their principles. I swear, for me, every sentence from a nigga mouth will be like a Bible sentence for Christians. Everyone who knows me well, knows that I consider myself the God of my life – but now I realized Niggas are the Gods. I wanna be like them. And when (or if) comes that day when niggas start calling me nigga – I’ll be the happiest mothafucka on this planet.

Niggas is the Shit and they should be proud to be called niggas, ‘cause that word symbolizes their entire superiority over the white race.

I’m just gonna finish this article by quoting 2 verses of Tupac: “I don’t want to be her man, I want to be her nigga/ You feel me?”