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The Self-Killing Love of a Male


Not long ago, I had the opinion that a man can’t experience that type of love that makes him suffer great and when even the words “I’ll die for you” are really meant. That thing just can’t have been admitted by my mind at that time, because I know the man character. But it happened to me too. And it’s indeed strange to experience this state. I despised the “Vanilla” stuff up to some tolerable level, but after this stuff happened, I sensed my integrity shaking.

I guess, from the title, many might have taken a sudden conclusion: that I lost my Alpha attitude and spirit. But that’s not quite right. Somehow strange, but this girl really makes me tremble when I’m near her, when she speaks to me, when I sense her smell, when I sense her touch (that being something usual and informal like a push, an accidental bump, etc) or even her looking at me. I don’t tremble like aN actual tremble, but I try to make it unnoticed. Even like this I start to say and do stupid stuff. If a friend saw me in that situation, he would have said that that doesn’t look like me at all. He might be shocked or even think that he saw someone else.

Anyway, I have to say that In a state like that described, I’m losing my Alpha characteristics. Ok, I agree to the fact that sometimes we might have temporary deep attraction for a girl but only wanting a one night stand, a weekend fling, etc. and we might mistake that for love. But this time, that’s really not the case. And when I try to think seriously about it, I don’t get anything out. I know myself well. (Or so I thought up to this moment.) I think realistically and analyze logically every issue, but I can’t analyze this stuff and it puts me on guard. I sense that I’m ready to do anything for her and even be her puppy up to some level. I have to say that I actually know her very little, so that’s why I wrote “up to some level”, because I don’t think this love is eternal…. but who knows… as you can already say – the whole post is confusing…

At one moment I even sensed that I’m ready to kill myself if she distances herself from me. I thought “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT JUST NOW?”

Oh, by the way, it’s not “Suicide Love”. Actually, I found about that term only today. It’s not liKe this:


I’m not gonna kill her and me together or some shit like that…. that’s pure madness….

My single question right now is “How I ended up like this?”….. All of this is really confusing….. Why her every touch is like being struck by lightning?….

Now, after writing all of this, I reAlize that my psychological studies can help me in this situation. Long ago I discovered a really interesting psychological thing. And I used it at that time. Basically, I can fall in love and kill my love for anyone at will. At first I thought that’s impossible, but after trying it about 3 times before, I know it works… Now I’m not sure if I should kill my love for her… I know it’s gonna hurt a lot… I guess, I’ll let it be for some time and admire her from distance.

By the way, if you wondered if I approached her with this matter – I did it. She rejected me in a straightforward manner and I don’t wanna pursue her… Better love her from distance, do my thing and let her live her life…

Although, I don’t use good ol’ buddy Jack for solving such problems, but this time… I’ll share his company for this evening…



ALPHA LAW #3: The Action LAW

Article 1. An Alpha Male must always take action regarding a certain woman he likes. Actions must be equilibrated, positive, confident, gentleman-like and giving a determined impression. These actions must be in concordance with all articles from this LAW. Also, these actions mustn’t be cocky or give the impression that you love to praise yourself more than anything.

Article 2. Actions must be transparent enough for the girl, so that she would know who exactly likes her. Anonymous letters can make an exception from this article, with the single condition of ending soon enough and announcing that woman your author credit. Transparency must be used to ensure your real intentions and future prospects.

Article 3. Too many attempts on the same girl / different girls without an obvious result are prohibited. (By obvious result is meant a/some positive reactions to your side which give you the impression that you are allowed to continue.) It shows you as being needy and if combined with observation of your attempts by the women already involved, it will create you an image of a needy man that doesn’t care what woman to have sex with. This general impression, once created, will spread in women community with a rocket-like speed leading to bad results. These bad results may include: bad jokes about you in front of you or behind you back, lower of your self-esteem, damage of your self-confidence making you a beta-male and other ones easy to deduct. Persistence is unconfident, unsexy and pathetic.”


So, here it is: one of the Core LAWS. And here I don’t mean that the other ones aren’t important. Core LAWS provide a certain security and confidence enough to be acted on alone.

This LAW greatly underlines some essential differences between Alpha Males and others. If enlisting LAWS by the importance, this one comes first.

I guess it’s explained well enough and I don’t think some additional clearance should be provided. Anyway, if some extra questions appear, they are welcomed and don’t hesitate to ask them using the comment tool.

ALPHA LAW #2: The Workout LAW

Article 1. An Alpha Male must ensure his girlfriend(s)/woman(women) with a good workout-ed body/ a good shaped body.

Article 2. A regular workout at the gym must be executed.”


Any girl will agree with this LAW. Simply because it brings pleasure to have a boyfriend/Man/husband with a good-shaped body. Guys, look at yourself! What are wishing for: a girl with a great shaped body? The females do the same. So, if you want a girlfriend with an attractive body – firstly make your body attractive and then your women will appreciate it.

A lot of persons state that the personality of a person is more important to them than their physical appearance. “Looks aren’t so important!” – Bullshit! What do you see firstly when you look at a person? Appearance. That’s the thing that starts the fundament of an attraction.

You wouldn’t refuse a great workout-ed person near you (personality included), would ya?

ALPHA LAWS – Introduction

Excuse me from my long absence from WordPress and lack of any articles written, but I was busy.

Anyway, now I have a bit more time and I wanna introduce you a New type of my Blog posts which will appear on a regular basis (“Awww Yeah!” – for my followers).

“ALPHA LAWS” – as the name itself states, this type of blog posts will describe different Alpha Male Principles which must be treated as LAWS by all the Males that wanna become Alpha.

It’s natural that I don’t know everything on this matter, because no one does and it’s really impossible. We upgrade constantly – everyday there is a new challenge (like I learned from DeStorm). I continue improving myself like everyone does and I’ll never stop learning Women, because Women are fabulous!

So,… here They Are: Alpha Laws – figured out by myself,  figured out by my Instructors and taught to me.

The First 10 Basic Alpha Male Principles

I thought it’ll be great to start first with this 10 Basic Principles. As I promised, I’ll complete my blog with Alpha Male Principles from time to time, as this is mainly the purpose of this blog. So, here they are:

1) Fight 


 An Alpha Male starts a fight only if this is really (vital) necessary. He’ll find a lot of other ways to deal with a problem.

2) Betrayal

An Alpha Male never betrays his collegues, for his personal interest.



An Alpha Male never lies his friends, girlfriends or his boss. He always tries to behave fair, is ready to recognize his fault, instead of hiding it under a lie.



An Alpha Male always takes responsability for his actions and never blames someone else for his mistakes.

5)First you think, then you do 


An Alpha Male manifests in an instant, but always thinks before this. He always controls his speech and actions.



An Alpha Male never starts an unuseful panic. In dangerous situations, He becomes organized, careful and acts firmly and wisely.



An Alpha Male never gossips about his boss, his friends or his girls. He never asserts himself in pointing and making fun of other people’s weaknesses.



An Alpha Male is a Leader. He never sucks up to the boss or anyone else.

9)Always apologizes, if wrong


An Alpha Male easily apologizes if he is wrong. It’s simple: “I was wrong and I apologize.”. After that, he fixes the problem, if possible.

10)Never lets her pay for herself


An Alpha Male never allows a woman pay for herself. If she tries to pay the bills, he stops her with words: “This I can handle myself, no Objections.”


Here they are. By the way, some pictures show the opposite if the right behaving discussed. Sorry for that!