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ALPHA LAW #2: The Workout LAW

Article 1. An Alpha Male must ensure his girlfriend(s)/woman(women) with a good workout-ed body/ a good shaped body.

Article 2. A regular workout at the gym must be executed.”


Any girl will agree with this LAW. Simply because it brings pleasure to have a boyfriend/Man/husband with a good-shaped body. Guys, look at yourself! What are wishing for: a girl with a great shaped body? The females do the same. So, if you want a girlfriend with an attractive body – firstly make your body attractive and then your women will appreciate it.

A lot of persons state that the personality of a person is more important to them than their physical appearance. “Looks aren’t so important!” – Bullshit! What do you see firstly when you look at a person? Appearance. That’s the thing that starts the fundament of an attraction.

You wouldn’t refuse a great workout-ed person near you (personality included), would ya?


ALPHA LAW #1: The Apologize LAW

Article 1. An Alpha Male apologizes only when it’s strictly necessary. He rarely apologizes for every little mistake.

Article 2. The Apologize must be short, but filled with sincere regret.

Article 3. After the apologize, an Alpha Male does everything to remove the necessity to apologize again. He should make up for it.”

So,… let’s begin with the reason of such a law. The meaning beside this is simple: a lot of beta-guys either apologize in front of every person for every mistake they do, or don’t apologize at all.

As the first article states, an Alpha Male apologizes as soon as he understands his mistake. This must happen only once. As the third article says, after the excuse, an Alpha Male must remove the problem which created its need.

P.S.: There are gonna be some edits in Alpha LAWS from time to time.

ALPHA LAWS – Introduction

Excuse me from my long absence from WordPress and lack of any articles written, but I was busy.

Anyway, now I have a bit more time and I wanna introduce you a New type of my Blog posts which will appear on a regular basis (“Awww Yeah!” – for my followers).

“ALPHA LAWS” – as the name itself states, this type of blog posts will describe different Alpha Male Principles which must be treated as LAWS by all the Males that wanna become Alpha.

It’s natural that I don’t know everything on this matter, because no one does and it’s really impossible. We upgrade constantly – everyday there is a new challenge (like I learned from DeStorm). I continue improving myself like everyone does and I’ll never stop learning Women, because Women are fabulous!

So,… here They Are: Alpha Laws – figured out by myself,  figured out by my Instructors and taught to me.

Skepticism, Properly Applied

Jesus had a bad weekend for your sins.

Listen, I don’t accept the crucifixion and then the story of how Jesus rose on the third day for a second.  There is simply no corroborating evidence for it, it parallels too many pre-Christian stories, and the oldest Gospel, Mark, didn’t originally contain the story of the resurrection.  There is a lot out there to read about the issue of the resurrection, and I am certainly no expert (although I know one person who has expertise in related academic fields), so I will leave it to them to address that particular issue in more detail.

But if I did accept the story, that is, the bare facts that some guy (let’s call him Jesus, Yeshua, or Frank for all I care) almost 2000 years ago was wandering around with 12 dudes while preaching about some messianic Jewish story or how the…

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I guess I’m eating it right!
lol, I really agree with much of them…

The First 10 Basic Alpha Male Principles

I thought it’ll be great to start first with this 10 Basic Principles. As I promised, I’ll complete my blog with Alpha Male Principles from time to time, as this is mainly the purpose of this blog. So, here they are:

1) Fight 


 An Alpha Male starts a fight only if this is really (vital) necessary. He’ll find a lot of other ways to deal with a problem.

2) Betrayal

An Alpha Male never betrays his collegues, for his personal interest.



An Alpha Male never lies his friends, girlfriends or his boss. He always tries to behave fair, is ready to recognize his fault, instead of hiding it under a lie.



An Alpha Male always takes responsability for his actions and never blames someone else for his mistakes.

5)First you think, then you do 


An Alpha Male manifests in an instant, but always thinks before this. He always controls his speech and actions.



An Alpha Male never starts an unuseful panic. In dangerous situations, He becomes organized, careful and acts firmly and wisely.



An Alpha Male never gossips about his boss, his friends or his girls. He never asserts himself in pointing and making fun of other people’s weaknesses.



An Alpha Male is a Leader. He never sucks up to the boss or anyone else.

9)Always apologizes, if wrong


An Alpha Male easily apologizes if he is wrong. It’s simple: “I was wrong and I apologize.”. After that, he fixes the problem, if possible.

10)Never lets her pay for herself


An Alpha Male never allows a woman pay for herself. If she tries to pay the bills, he stops her with words: “This I can handle myself, no Objections.”


Here they are. By the way, some pictures show the opposite if the right behaving discussed. Sorry for that!

Life Principles – How to reject a threesome

Okay, the name itself doesn’t really apply to this situation, but it still touches it a bit. This article doesn’t really suit my “Life Principles” cycle, but it expresses great my opinion on some strange stuff.

Today I began reading “Men’s Health” April’s russian issue. After skipping through some pages filled with ads (usually half of this magazine is filled with ads (maybe just like any other)), I stopped at the “Female Logic” article, where there are usually questions by men answered by a lady (maybe psycologist). There I met a very strange issue from a guy. Here it is: “My girlfriend’s first sex was with a girl. She says, that she is very sory and loves only me. But I can’t let the thought, that she is interested in girls too.” Alex.

Have you read that carefully? I read it five times and I couldn’t believe what I read. How a man can’t like the idea that his girl, maybe is bisexual. Noticed that? “Maybe.” He hasn’t written this but he is sure that she is bisexual. No facts. Here I condemn, one more time, the human stupid habit of jumping to conclusions. But let’s talk about this another time. Can you imagine a man that will reject a threesome? I can’t. The single reason would be in case you can’t satisfy 2 women at once & you know this very well. Other than that – no.

I, personally, had the great joy of experiencing a threesome. Any guy I know likes this idea. I haven’t met anyone with such a problem. Anyway, the answer was quite good and I think it calmed down the asker. I’ll express it in some ideas. So, basically, she told him that most of the lesbian contacts occur because of girl’s curiosity. She gave him some examples like “someone learns how to kiss with tomatoes and you won’t be jealous of the salad everytime”. Also, she told him that, if she liked girls too, she would have long invited the third to their bed.

Hope you enjoyed this stuff I discovered. I invite to comment on the situation and express your opinion.