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Just remembered about my blog and had the idea to look through all the posts I had here….. Can’t believe I wrote that shit. Deleted the trash and edited the existing articles. I finally understood how much I’ve changed. Now looking at all that – feels so stupid…. The stuff I wrote was clearly based on some stupid lame conclusions made by a growing teenager.

We all know this story about how the teenagers do a lot of stupid things like deciding to change the world in an instant and being highly emotive. Taking all that shit to the real world, just fills it with unnecessary stuff. But making mistakes is common for humans… OK, not to such degrees as mine, but it’s understandable. For me, judging a teenager sounds just as stupid and useless as frying money on the pan… That example just now is stupid… But it illustrates my point.

I noticed that as we grow through life we tend to forget what happened and what we did to such degree that when looking back we feel a deep shame for all that shit, realizing that we did indeed change a lot.

“Living is hard.” – many teenagers characterize life like that. But they don’t understand that they make it hard. Life is easy and it always had been as such….

Today I stumbled upon a great answer by OSHO to one of the questions addressed. I’ll not quote the entire paragraph, but I’ll express his point. – He said that we should live our life as we are always meditating 24/24. – at first, one may think: what is this bullshit?
That’s a foolish question/remark. He didn’t mean meditating as the actual process, but the state your body has during a meditation – silence and calmness… Your body isn’t stressed or tensed, but always calm and in harmony. If you start to be always calm, you’ll see how all the stress loses its power. You’ll start to enjoy everything and not care about anything unimportant… Somehow like smoking marijuana… A state full of joy and calmness…

I must say – that’s some great stuff.


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