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ALPHA LAW #4: The Honesty LAW

Article 1. An Alpha Male must be honest with Himself regarding His desires, His emotions, His feelings, His actions, His thoughts, His wishes, His future plans, His questions, His requirements (He searches in a Woman) and other attributes for that matter.

Article 2.1. An Alpha Male must be honest with His interactions. This means He must be honest in His actions and His words targeted towards others. The more natural one behaves, the more simple it is for one to Qualify people. One must not put on various masks especially when interacting with others, because in that case, he’ll become the one trying to qualify to people. That is highly not recommended as it will make one unhappy trying to be like anybody else wants you to be.

Article 2.2. An Alpha Male must always do what he wants and be what he wants, disregarding his bad habits or bad traits. Being the real one, the Natural one, He’ll start His Natural Animal Confidence System (NACS) which will ensure his Happy life.

Article 3. An Alpha Male must be honest with His beloved persons. The “Beloved Persons” category includes: Liked Persons, Loved Persons; and it may include: His family, His Friends, His Sex-Buddies. This article is of Core Importance for having an AWESOME Life.”


This is it! It’s finished but it may experience some modifications later regarding some of the stuff – maybe better explications, more articles, more detailed explications and so on.

Being fake will remove any chance of you becoming an Alpha Male. Try to be more honest with people even if it scares you at the beginning! Even if you think they’ll leave you! That way, only persons really liking the Natural You will be around you. Those who liked the Faked one, will be gone. Yours and theirs false hopes will perish making it more Real for you to realise your Dreams & Wishes.

As usually, if you have questions, please ask them in the comment section below. I’ll make sure to correct all possible misunderstandings.



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