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ALPHA LAW #1: The Apologize LAW

Article 1. An Alpha Male apologizes only when it’s strictly necessary. He rarely apologizes for every little mistake.

Article 2. The Apologize must be short, but filled with sincere regret.

Article 3. After the apologize, an Alpha Male does everything to remove the necessity to apologize again. He should make up for it.”

So,… let’s begin with the reason of such a law. The meaning beside this is simple: a lot of beta-guys either apologize in front of every person for every mistake they do, or don’t apologize at all.

As the first article states, an Alpha Male apologizes as soon as he understands his mistake. This must happen only once. As the third article says, after the excuse, an Alpha Male must remove the problem which created its need.

P.S.: There are gonna be some edits in Alpha LAWS from time to time.


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